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Basic Facts About Gulf Shrimp

The shrimp is one of the most notable shellfish that is found in plenty at the gulf. They are of many types. However, we have a number of the most predominant types of gulf shrimp in the gulf. They are in three categories as shown below.

We have the brown shrimp. Some people refer to them as the red shrimp while others as the brownies. It has been discovered that they live in waters that have a depth that goes between 180 and 360 feet. As they undergo growth, you will note that they will keep moving to saltier areas. They will often get to be busy while heading to dusk or at night. They actually like areas that are muddy or are heavy in organic matter that is decaying. Then there is the white shrimp. It is also referred to as the northern white shrimp or the lake shrimp. They are known to dwell in waters that lie between 90 and 270 feet deep. They often prefer living in muddy bottoms. Such estuaries might always have water that is less salty. We also have the pink shrimp. In comparison to other types of shrimp, its meat is absolutely tender. This meat is usually sweet all-round the year. In most cases, you will find them during the winter seasons. It is during these moments that they will appear to bury themselves in substrate. This is the only way to protect themselves from the cold.

Gulf shrimp is known for its great nutritional value. Aside from their water content, they are known to be made of protein. They will give you the kind of nutrients that you need. In addition, they are known for both low fat and carbohydrates. They actually have a combination of other very important nutrients. They also possess antioxidant properties. This will make sure that they easily fight any damaging free radicals. They will also ensure that there are no cell membranes that are destroyed. It is through this that you will be kept away from premature aging and illnesses. These antioxidant properties will often keep you away from any instance of inflammation. You will also note that they are good at improving your level of immunity.

You will also realize that shrimp is known for having anti-cancer properties. This is due to the carotenoids that they do have. They actually possess an antioxidant property that has the potency to cause the death of various cancer cells as well as ensure that they do not spread even further. This goes ahead to make sure that the level of oxidative stress is also brought down. They stand out as a great option for your health.

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