Understanding the Challenges of Lift Installation in an Existing Structure

Installing a lift can be a different experience in different buildings. Also, if a building is already built (for example a 20 story walk-up) vs a structure that is in the building process, lift installation in Singapore will be very different as well. In any case, residential, commercial, new build or existing structure, it is possible to install a lift, it’s simply making a way for this to happen.

In Existing Facilities

Existing buildings with no lift infrastructure already in place offers the most challenges to a lift installation service. The first thing that they’re going to have to do is find the room for not just the lift, but the machinery that ensures that the lift runs properly.

In a large older building that was constructed in pre-lift eras, there may be plenty of space for the machinery, especially if it has a basement, but the lift itself may offer more of a challenge. If the building has a stairway with an open center, it may be possible to put the lift right in the middle of the building, which means most of the mechanisms will be exposed. Some people like this industrial look, but if its an office building, they may be more willing to eliminate an office or two on each floor to allow the lift to be installed against a wall.

For a home, the challenge may be finding a place to install the machinery. Not every home has a basement or crawlspace under the home. At the end of the day, the contractor may have to break through the foundation, excavate an area and then build the lift. This can be a very costly endeavor, so it’s something that a homeowner will have to consider.

Buildings Under Construction

For buildings under construction, lift installation is much easier. The elevators will be included in the design plans and the installers will ensure that they have the appropriate space for the machinery and the lifts themselves. For a home, installing a lift in a structure under construction will be far less costly than preparing an existing home to accept the lift.

If you’re considering a lift for your home or office building, the task isn’t impossible. You’ll just need to be prepared for the structural needs of installing something into an existing structure. For a new building, speaking with a contractor during the design phase is the best way to go.

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