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Importance of Trademark Registration

A trade mark can also be said to be a recognisable sound, sign, design, expression, figure, letter or word that another company that provides similar or other services in order to categorise and give it a dissimilarity from other goods manufactured from other different manufacturers.

Trade mark registration, on the other hand ensures that the words, phrases, sounds, signs or expressions which one manufacturer, producer or company uses does not resemble to any other that belongs to a different producer of that particular product or any other product.

Trade mark registration plays a very important role in any society that carries out business activities or produces certain goods and products.

There are benefits that are incurred as a result of having trade mark registration rules and regulations put in place and some of these benefits are as discussed below. By preventing disputes and disagreements between the business owners, companies and organisations, the trade mark registrations help to ensure that there is understanding between the business owners, company managers and organisations so that there is promotion of peace as they run their businesses; this happens when registration ensures that every business has its own unique trademark.

The major role of trade mark registration is to prevent unfair competition by protecting the use of certain specific symbol, word, design, phrase or logo that exclusively distinguishes the goods and services of one firm, organisation, company or business from the other.

The trade mark registration authorities have with principles with which the consumers of certain products and services are protected by ensuring that companies ,manufacturers, and other business owners are not to use trademarks that are considerably similar to those of other companies that may have more resemblance in brand and customer loyalty to the products and services which they are used to trading with.

Some businesses, companies or organisations may be lured into or some of them do it intentionally to alter the quality to the reputation of a distinctive trade mark of a product or service then uses the same logo, design or phrase that the original producer or manufacturer of the same product or service uses in order to spoil the market of the product or service in the market place to make the consumers switch to the products and services of the manufacturer who tempered with the other party’s products which is why trade mark registration is there to prevent such case from happening thus ensuring there is fair trade without any confusions.

Another way in which trade mark registration is very important is that it enables the trademark authorities to develop goodwill for their products and services on the market which is an advantage that the trademark managers gain from having the trade mark registration to put into place certain rules and regulations which ensures that this happens.

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